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Affiliation is one of the main and essential ways of monetizing your work as an influencer, or your website’s audience if you’re a publisher. It’s also a way of getting added value out of your work via external actors. Basically, if your content is attracting the attention of advertisers, this is already a pretty good sign! The question at hand, therefore, is how to choose the best campaigns to get yourself started, develop win-win partnerships that meet the needs of advertisers and interest your community and readers.


The decision to entrust your audience or content to an affiliation platform is not an easy one to take. The chosen platform needs to be both technically flawless and ethically sound. The trust and confidence your users have in you is your stock-in-trade, and this trust and confidence depend on the power of your network. Because affiliation requires expertise in performance modeling, it’s also an activity that demands a high level of technical proficiency. You’ll save yourself more time by associating yourself with a structured platform that has high levels of visibility.

Essentially, and above and beyond the simple provision of personalized access, it’s about striking the right balance between relevant content that’s useful to your community and campaigns that are likely to generate revenue for you.


This, of course, is the critical deciding factor, as not all affiliation campaigns are worth getting involved with. How can you tell when it’s the right moment to invest your time (and therefore your money) and energy into injecting value into a campaign if you don’t have access to the information you need to make an informed decision?

This is why it’s very important to know what the advertising conditions are. Whether it’s the type of earnings and how you get paid, the duration of the cookies, the advertising media made available to you, or strategic information about the content, in order to maximize your return on investment and that of your advertisers, you need to have all this data to hand.


Though we sometimes tend to forget it, behind the interface and the tracking are women and men who are there to help and support clients and publishers. The quality of the service provided, the client experience, the technical expertise and the responsiveness of the support service are03 important aspects to compare and evaluate when choosing your affiliation platform.

The key to success? Put your faith in a multidisciplinary team that’s capable of passing on its knowledge and expertise effectively and can help you develop and improve your promotional and editorial approach. In order to achieve this, a good campaign needs to be equipped with both promotional tools and the right creative experts for the job. An affiliation platform should not just perform the role of a simple intermediary. It must also be a partner capable of creating value for you by supporting and advising you. It needs to give you a means of transforming a simple and unstructured commercial approach into a targetted, dynamic and impactful marketing strategy for your community.

The decision to run advertising is not one to be taken lightly, as it means committing your image and reputation to marketing campaigns from third-party brands. This is why, in order to guarantee success, it’s important to make the right choice and go for a collaboration with a reputable platform you can trust, one that values efficiency and transparency.

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