Cashback sites: an opportunity for your business


Slowly but surely, cashback is gaining popularity all around the world. If you’re feeling out of the loop, “cashback” refers to websites that reimburse a percentage of your online purchases. They, therefore, act as business facilitators for e-commerce sites. By forming partnerships with cashback sites, brands are guaranteed a steady stream of visitors that they can turn into customers. Linked to performance-based advertising, the underlying strategy is an attractive one, as some of the commercial pressure falls to the cashback sites themselves.

Trusted intermediaries to help establish your brand

Appearing on cashback sites is a good way for businesses to diversify their sales channels. These websites represent useful intermediaries for promoting brands and offers, especially when they are not well known to the general public. There are clear advantages in terms of confidence: not only do cashback sites build brand awareness, but they also help create strong relationships with your customers.

What’s more, they offer an opportunity to generate more backlinks and optimize your SEO using trusted websites. If you don’t exist on Google, you don’t exist online. Getting into cashback is a good way to boost your profile. Customer review shared content, and links to offers can all have a positive impact on your SEO strategy.

Finally, you can reach a new target audience: active buyers looking for good deals and new products. Cashback sites often have a very active online community who are likely to share your offers on digital platforms. A great way to communicate cheaply and increase the power of your brand.

Boost your conversion rate with cashback

If marketers are driven by a single obsession, it’s improving their conversion rate. This can lead to heavy investments in promotional activities with limited results. What sets cashback apart is the ability to control the exclusivity of the offers. Buying via a cashback site means taking advantage of an exclusive deal, and because everything is centralized in one place, it requires less effort to attract more customers.

Visitors interested in cashback understand the purchasing mechanics and are more likely to buy online than a regular visitor. Since this condition has already been met, you can improve your conversion rate for a small additional cost. The reimbursed portion of each purchase will not eat into your cash flow, and cashback will bring you new customers who would not necessarily be drawn to you organically.

Focus on exclusivity

In order for cashback to work, you must separate out your offers. By offering exclusive promotions via this channel, you can retain more potential buyers. This is a good opportunity to sell off surplus stock or your current range in anticipation of new products. You can also use the appeal of exclusivity to offer a reduced number of products via cashback and facilitate cross-selling. As well as boosting your average basket size, you are able to delegate some of the commercial pressure to the platforms themselves. This is the principle behind performance-based sales: if you sell, you earn a little less per unit, but you are selling in volume. Conversely, if you do not find a buyer, you have not lost any money from marketing investments.

Because the offer is presented by a third party service, the act of buying is not the same as a traditional purchase from a behavioral point of view. By acting as an intermediary, the cashback site creates a sense of trust for shoppers. Good deals are (supposed to be) filtered and approved, and the legitimacy of the brand is reinforced by the feeling of exclusivity. It’s the perfect way to diversify your online income.

Online sellers should not underestimate the potential benefits of selling on cashback sites. In terms of increasing awareness, selling inventory, boosting conversion rates, reaching new customers and promoting cross-selling, cashback offers many advantages at a negligible cost. Look into indirect channels to improve your online sales!

Could this type of strategy help your business, especially in the lead up to Black Friday? Check out our current offers

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Black Friday: How to attract advertisers?

Black Friday

Having grown significantly in recent years, Black Friday — followed by Cyber Monday — represents a major sales opportunity for e-commerce sites. It also often signifies the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. If everyone is in the black (online sales have increased by 14% in the second quarter of 2018), it means that supply is increasing and competition is growing. For publishers, the aim of the game is therefore to attract advertisers. This strategy involves finding a subtle balance between editorial appeal and the conversion capacity of the audience generated.

A consistent editorial line and quality content

This is the first step of your strategy: being able to attract visitors continuously and in excessive numbers, in order to create a virtuous circle.

Common values

When appearing on a third-party site, advertisers expect consistency in terms of positioning, values and brand territory. A company selling hunting goods and equipment should not appear on a website campaigning for animal welfare, for example. Publishers must, therefore, be transparent about their values.

Who are they? What do they want? And what do they believe in? This information must be clearly laid out in an eye-catching manner. Advertisers are thus able to ensure that these values are in line with their own for an optimal communication strategy.

Relevant content

To attract advertisers, you must already be able to attract visitors to your website. The key asset that publishers can monetize is their audience. In order to achieve this goal, it is essential to have relevant content, a regular publication schedule, topics that create value and good storytelling. The occasional blog post is not going to cut it.

Not only should content be relevant, but it also needs to be high quality (syntax, content value, duplicate content, etc.), and social media activity must be constant. This all adds up to the perfect strategy to attract advertisers.

Visual content is as important as written content. Decorate your website for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Black Week.

A clear editorial line

Your editorial line is the compass that guides your website. It defines you on an editorial level. Whether it deals with strong opinions and editorials or more factual information, it must be clear and not vary over time. You must be consistent to win advertisers’ trust. They have to be able to anticipate future content and understand the editorial issues associated with positioning.

KPIs and analytics: fundamental figures

For advertisers, choosing a distribution channel is a question of efficiency. Advertising investments must generate visits, which can become potential clients and then customers. ROI is, therefore, a vital consideration, and publishers must know how to talk to advertisers.

To attract advertisers, you have to speak their language. This means understanding and managing your insights so you can promote the most interesting ones. However, there are hundreds of options: Google Page Rank, number of visitors, page views, average time, bounce rate, size of online communities, engagement rate, etc.

To find out where you stand, you have to identify the most impactful insights. For example, talking about the number of visitors does not make any sense if you also have a high bounce rate. The same rule applies to advertising offers: CPC is not promoted using the same metrics as CPM.

To promote your commercial offers, highlight your Black Friday results from the previous year: incoming visits, page views, growth vs. N-1, etc.

High-quality distribution channels

For publishers and advertisers alike, the quality of distribution channels is very important. Publishers must optimize their technical structure to monetize advertising spaces and databases, create optimized email kits, and manage innovative display formats.

Advertisers have to provide up-to-date and well-built product feeds to improve the conversion rate on D-Day. Your banners, newsletters and landing pages should be optimized to integrate advertisers’ Black Friday offers. The advertisers’ distribution channels must integrate seamlessly with your own.

The better suited the distribution channels, the more noticeable the impact of the campaign. Employ a win-win strategy and create engagement with personalized messages that do not detract from the user experience.

As Black Friday grows increasingly influential, the challenge faced by advertisers is choosing the platforms that will ensure the best returns on investment. Publishers should, therefore, integrate changes prior to the event to offer a sustainable strategy rather than a simple display effect.

Are you an influencer with an app or a mobile site? Do you want to promote a seller for Black Friday? Contact our Publishers Team or join the Kwanko Network!

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Black Friday: get your conversion strategy ready


An event like Black Friday cannot be improvised. Ensuring that it is a success requires a well-oiled organization, a clear strategy and as much anticipation as possible. This is a sizeable challenge given the many priorities that marketing professionals need to manage on a day-to-day basis. To get a clearer picture and optimize your approach, you need to start now. How? Allow us to explain.

Before Black Friday: be constant and steady

Black Friday is like a high-level event. You don’t organize a World Cup in three days, do you? Well, it’s the same thing. To create the right kind of buzz about Black Friday, you need to already have a steady flow of visitors to all of your websites.

Affiliation: to create constancy

The more people talk about your brand in a structured and clear way, the better. Affiliation is a sales and promotional tool that should be used at a very early stage. Your affiliates will then create provide leverage to generate more traffic on an ongoing basis. The abler you are to provide your community of affiliates with high-quality content such as text, images, and specific wording, the more effective this tool will be.

What counts is making affiliation part of your brand’s digital strategy. With a CPA campaign, your advertising budget won’t be spent in vain, and every euro invested will really count.

Lead nurturing and inbound marketing: to support your leads right up to the big day

Having regular contact and visitors to your website is a good thing. But you still need to be able to capitalize on this. To do this, a lead nurturing strategy coupled with an inbound marketing approach constitutes one of the keys to success. Clear content with a high level of added value and which is frequently updated fosters loyalty. An optimized conversion funnel that includes all the main stages of the customer experience and aligned with buyers personas allows for a holistic overview of sales potential relating to Black Friday. All that remains is to effectively nurture your leads so that they are ready when the time comes by stepping up a pressure in a controlled way.

Mobile application: to increase the number of entry points to your products

Your mobile application should also be downloaded as much as possible. The idea is to increase the number of entry points for new prospects, as well as old and new customers. If you also have physical stores, geolocation constitutes a major advantage. During Black Friday, you will be able to send notifications to people with your mobile app.

During Black Friday: activate all ROI tools

This is when everyone gets things going at the same time. You need to make an effective sprint to the finish line using ROI tools from the outset. The aim: conversion and buying. There are many effective promotional tools that can transform your prospects into customers at the right time. Here are a few examples.

E-mail marketing: to create automated and customized scenarios

Using your database of prospects and progress made in the conversion funnel, you can use marketing automation scenarios to give out the right message at the right time. Special promotions, discounts, best buy… each segment of your database should be used individually to customize the approach taken and create a unique customer experience.

Using external databases and opt-in, you can send information about your promotions to the maximum number of internet users looking for deals. This tool, therefore, needs a dedicated budget and should be assigned to your account manager, who will select the best databases for you corresponding to your core target market and based on a profitable model: CPC or CPM. Your offers should be widely visible in order to transform traffic into conversions.

Chatbots: to diversify your strategy

With an event like Black Friday, you need to create an emotional connection with your prospects. To do this, a chatbot via a messaging application constitutes a powerful tool. It can interact with users when they are connected and in line with their personal preferences. A chatbot also makes it possible to answer essential questions that customers may ask, while also taking some of the pressure off your support team. In affiliation, the chatbot is also a way of driving traffic to your website.

Advertising and social media: no one is left out

Despite all your efforts, not everyone will visit your website on Black Friday itself. That’s why you also need to be able to find prospects wherever they are using a SEA and SMA strategy. If you have a CRM onboarding-type data reconciliation tool, this will allow for a more effective approach. You can also use retargeting and remarketing to reconnect with undecided visitors. Lastly, be prepared to play the game of cashback and best buy websites, strengthen your links with your affiliates and keep a constant eye on price changes using online comparison sites.

After Black Friday: create a relationship of trust

After the Black Friday rush, you need to be able to do all of the necessary follow-ups. Selling online is one thing, but you also need to be able to live up to your promises in terms of delivery, availability and responsiveness. That’s why the commercial relationship does not end with ordering. Reinforce your customer service teams, be responsive about questions asked and follow up customers regularly about their level of satisfaction and with specific content (questionnaires, tutorials, best practices, FAQ and “how to” guides for products bought, etc.).

This approach consists of creating a premium experience in order to foster the loyalty of your customers with just one aim: to be able to transform them into ambassadors for the following year. That’s why the relationship you have with them needs to last, with exclusive and special offers and specifically tailored content between fulfillment and added value.

For retailers and e-commerce companies, Black Friday is an intense time that generates a huge amount of energy and creativity. Well prepared, your teams work in a collaborative and cross-functional way to offer your customers a unique experience while also staving off the competition. Our experienced production team is able to support you through this most intense sales period of the year. Put your trust in them and received a personalized proposal according to your needs and aims!

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Everything You Should Know About Safari’s ITP 2.0 Rollout

Safari ITP Tracking Issue

By now, you already have noticed all the fuss about the emergent release of Apple’s Safari ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) 2.0 rollout for iOS12 and macOS Mojave in Q4.

This was already announced in late 2017, so at Kwanko we were already working in some improvements to our technology to limit any eventual impact this might have on the business.

First, what’s Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and how it can impact our performance tracking?

The main purpose is to give much more privacy and control to the user. That’s the main goal. And in short, it places some restrictions on cookies based on how frequently a user interacts with the website that dropped them. That’s basically it.

However, for the Affiliate Marketing community, this can be a new challenge since it can affect how we track the customer journey and conversions.

The ITP is constantly evolving so, there will be even more changes in the future. For the time being, what 2.0 has changed from its previous versions, namely ITP1, is the removal of the 24-hour window for which a pixel from a third-party can access cookies. This means that when the ITP 2.0 is launched, the usual tracking will not work at all if we’re flagged as a tracker. Moresome, existing cookies will be purged after 30 days if there’s no “real” interaction with the user again.

The second biggest change is that if it sees a tracker collusion to have redirects to identify the user through several trackers, it will block that info also. Which means that when a user clicks on a Publisher ad by Kwanko, as always, it will first redirect to Kwanko’s tracker and only then to the Advertiser’s site. With this restriction, this feature will prevent cookies from being dropped or read on a user’s browser during these tracking redirects.

In other terms, if there are redirects before our click domain, we will only see the last redirect as the referrer instead of the original Affiliate source.

The third change is what it’s called Origin-Only Referrer. Pretty much truncates the referring URL’s down to the root domain. Which means that if it was coming from it will arrive at the destiny as just without more information than that.

As the report states, this is currently just for mobile and desktop versions of Safari. Even though the desktop Safari browser is kind of small compared to other browsers, in the mobile realm, it’s quite massive if we consider almost all of the Apple devices out there. So, it’s not something we should take lightly.

What can we do about it?

There are a few changes to be made to our tracking tags. But pretty much, what would happen with the ITP 2.0 is that it adds a prompt to WebKit’s implementation of the Storage Access API. So, if the user allows access their choice is persisted.

Here’s a graphic example of what a prompt message would look like.

Example Safari itp prompt message

This warning box is displayed when using the Storage Access API to allow a user to confirm his consent. If a 3rd party JS tag tries to write a cookie without this API (with the conventional method) the notice box will not pop up BUT, if this 3rd party is considered a “tracker”, its cookie will be “partitioned”.

Still, we have a cookie lifetime for just 30 days, but if the user keeps interacting, for what Safari considers to be a “real” interaction with our domain name it will keep this alive for an additional 30 days. If not, it erases automatically.

All explanation can be found right here at the source.

Also, we already have a “cible” tracking method which we’re adapting to convey with these new requirements and it will be ready for the time Safari launches its new version.

Any question or doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

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10 tips to win on Black Friday

Black friday

The day is coming. And your strategy should already be thought out for Black Friday, the last Friday of November when a wave of promotions comes to boost sales at the end of the year. Christophe Matos, Global CMO et Board Member of Kwanko, gave Marketeer a list of 10 basic rules for brands to survive and win on Black Friday.

1- A 100% Black Friday Global Strategy

National advertisers have followed the international trend of betting more and more on Black Friday and its impact on annual sales clearly justifies a decisive strategy. Black Friday requires a dedicated P&L that does not forget to account for cannibalization of non-discounted sales and write-offs in the final margins.

2- Start early…

Act early and efficiently to create the right stimulus at the perfect time. Black Friday is the day of the year with the most first-time online purchases. All the details count in creating a “moment of truth” that results in a positive and potentially repeated experience. It’s the day to shine and advertisers have to be prepared. Consumers themselves prepare for Black Friday in advance and brands have to predict this trend.

3- Increase your database, before, during and after…

Second, only to organic searches of the brand, the Internal Marketing email is the biggest sales channel of online stores. Capturing records turns out to be the best source for prospecting and becomes the advertiser’s biggest asset. Black Friday is the perfect incentive to invite prospects to register and thus lower the effort and costs of capture. Once registered, the brand gains an internal communication support that allows them, through activation and automation strategies, to convert leads into customers.

4- SEO // Enhance organic presence in search engines

Black Friday has to be anticipated and strategically thought out for search engines. Brands have to develop tailored content to create history and gain an organic presence in the main search engine on the market. Advertisers have to be pragmatic in the quality of the contents they intend to have shared by the users themselves and thus spontaneously enhance their organic presence. SEO requires a level of organization and anticipation that is not always cared for, and that sometimes condemns brands to be forced to invest too much in paid searches during the event.

5- PPC // Adwords, Social Media Ads, Email Marketing  and Retargeting

When there is no time to refine the organic presence, there is nothing like investing in a PPC strategy to gain presence and take advantage of the search wave. Again, not all companies have the financial capacity to keep up with the rhythm of top searches, but there are simple and effective ways to bet on targeted searches that ensure a positive ROI.

The main best practice for retailers is really the purchase of strategic traffic, especially by sending Marketing emails using external databases with authorization for third party communication. This is the primary direct response channel, but no channel will have so much immediate impact on advertiser dashboards.

During Black Friday, visits to e-commerce sites may triple and the conversion rate eventually drops. It is essential to have a retargeting strategy designed (especially on Facebook) that allows optimizing all that traffic and increasing return on all Online and Offline Marketing initiatives.

6- Custom Audience! Give priority to your customers

Online stores have to focus on boosting their customers’ Recurrence, Frequency and Purchase Value (RFV). Black Friday is, in fact, the biggest opportunity of the year to attract new customers but it is also the perfect time to build loyalty and increase the value of the brand to the customer. Loyalty is no longer limited to internal channels and it is possible, for example, to cross data (example: encrypted mailing list) with Facebook and define a personalized strategy that will boost your results.

7- A Real E-Merchandising Strategy

As in offline, online stores have to know how to play with e-merchandising to stimulate consumers to react according to the strategic objectives of the company. Several reasons may justify highlighting a product: cash generation, profit margin, stock availability, brand positioning, seasonal stimulus… E-Merchandising is today the primary in-store commercial hook and requires increased care during Black Friday because of the momentum inherent to the event.

8- Mobile First

Alibaba reported that 82% of Singles Day sales (November 11) were made from mobile devices. It is fundamental to guide the entire company towards a mobile reality that is already more than implemented.

9- Presence in Strategic Publishers

It is fundamental for brands to bet on channels that channel buyers. Highlight goes to price comparators and coupon sites, which play a key role on these dates.

10- Black Friday will soon be Black November

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Black Week… the seasonal hype is too tempting for brands to not be extended. Being the first to reach consumers turns out to be an endless war that requires some competitive strategy and vigilance. Time-to-market is key and it is up to the brands to stimulate consumers before, during and after the event.

Find soon the second article of our Black Friday series… You would like to entrust us your budget, consult our offers!

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The 3 key ways to effectively bring your affiliate program to life

The 3 key ways to effectively bring your affiliate program to life

As of now, more than 32% of online sales are the result of affiliation including email marketing, according to a study by Business Insider. Performance advertising, therefore, remains a strong commercial lever for online sales. Best of all, it’s a growing lever, since a Forrester study even predicts growth rates of 10% per year in this sector. However, as effective as it is, getting into performance advertising requires at least organization and structure. To do this, we are sharing with you three keys to effectively get your affiliate program up and running.

Media platforms and quality promotional material

The quality of your affiliate program will depend on the importance of its return on investment. Your goal incorporates facilitating the work of the publishers, who will pass your offers and your products on.
But to do this, and because they do not necessarily work solely with your products, it is also necessary to stand out from the competition in order to create a long-term trusting relationship. To do this, it is crucial to create and share quality promotional items. Some examples:

  • Marketing Pitches: knowing what to say, how to say it and how to highlight the particular characteristics of your offer and your range of products or services.
  • Promotional sheet: central information on a current or future operation with all details related to the latter (duration, condition, objectives, etc.). Vital for anticipating a big transaction in order to prepare in the best conditions.
  • Product information sheet: to know all of your product’s details, from the most generic to the most technical. With every publisher having a different editorial line, it must have information that is understandable to everyone.
  • Quality visuals: reworked photos, properly displayed, well-framed and adapted for any type of support with multiple formats.
  • Email Kit: everything to successfully pull of an email campaign, such as content ideas, visuals adapted to email marketing, specific links, etc.
  • Advertising banners and imagery: variety is important here too because they can be used on a wide variety of media.

Regular commercial operations for your affiliate program

Performance advertising is an ROI (return on investment) relay for brands, but affiliates can only relay existing information and are not the source of it. If the advertiser is not proactive, their affiliate program will not truly be effective. Some examples of commercial operations to put in place.

  • Product Launch: This is often an important event. Whether you are updating an existing range or a new offer, you must let it know.
  • One-off sales or promotions: creating promotional events is an excellent springboard for better sales; like, for example, birthdays, Black Friday, New Year’s Eve, etc.
  • Promotional codes: a special discount only granted to your members so that they can relay information online and benefit their communities.
  • Limited offers: the next 500 orders at – 30%, one free for one bought during the next 12 hours, free delivery for everything for 24 hours. So many examples that value rarity or immediacy to encourage a purchase.

Challenge, bonuses, and meetings: these little things that make all the difference

Affiliates are like a commercial team that must come to life and be mobilized but also challenged at times. A way to keep in touch and especially to integrate them into your team, as you would with your employees or your service providers. It is important to encourage this sense of belonging because it highlights the loyalty of your promotional relays online for an optimal performance advertisement. Ideas and good practices to make a difference.

  • Sales competition: put commercial goals in place with rewards according to the targets reached, such as the multiplication of commissions over a, particularly attractive period.
  • Gifts: little something that always pleases, such as product previews or any other offer to thank your affiliates for their loyalty.
  • A temporary increase of the CPA: a way of boosting your sales amongst a category of products.
  • Meeting with the teams: to humanize the relationship and discover who is behind the abstract data to create a real win-win partnership.
  • Training and practical advice: online or in-person workshops – to discover new trends, learn and progress.

Running an affiliate program can have a very beneficial effect on your relationship with your affiliates. A way to provide the sources of your growth with everything they need for a timely prepared advertising campaign, which therefore will have greater potential for success.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to know more, contact us!

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Publishers: 3 tips to help you choose your affiliation platform

Affiliation platform

Affiliation is one of the main and essential ways of monetizing your work as an influencer, or your website’s audience if you’re a publisher. It’s also a way of getting added value out of your work via external actors. Basically, if your content is attracting the attention of advertisers, this is already a pretty good sign! The question at hand, therefore, is how to choose the best campaigns to get yourself started, develop win-win partnerships that meet the needs of advertisers and interest your community and readers.


The decision to entrust your audience or content to an affiliation platform is not an easy one to take. The chosen platform needs to be both technically flawless and ethically sound. The trust and confidence your users have in you is your stock-in-trade, and this trust and confidence depend on the power of your network. Because affiliation requires expertise in performance modeling, it’s also an activity that demands a high level of technical proficiency. You’ll save yourself more time by associating yourself with a structured platform that has high levels of visibility.

Essentially, and above and beyond the simple provision of personalized access, it’s about striking the right balance between relevant content that’s useful to your community and campaigns that are likely to generate revenue for you.


This, of course, is the critical deciding factor, as not all affiliation campaigns are worth getting involved with. How can you tell when it’s the right moment to invest your time (and therefore your money) and energy into injecting value into a campaign if you don’t have access to the information you need to make an informed decision?

This is why it’s very important to know what the advertising conditions are. Whether it’s the type of earnings and how you get paid, the duration of the cookies, the advertising media made available to you, or strategic information about the content, in order to maximize your return on investment and that of your advertisers, you need to have all this data to hand.


Though we sometimes tend to forget it, behind the interface and the tracking are women and men who are there to help and support clients and publishers. The quality of the service provided, the client experience, the technical expertise and the responsiveness of the support service are03 important aspects to compare and evaluate when choosing your affiliation platform.

The key to success? Put your faith in a multidisciplinary team that’s capable of passing on its knowledge and expertise effectively and can help you develop and improve your promotional and editorial approach. In order to achieve this, a good campaign needs to be equipped with both promotional tools and the right creative experts for the job. An affiliation platform should not just perform the role of a simple intermediary. It must also be a partner capable of creating value for you by supporting and advising you. It needs to give you a means of transforming a simple and unstructured commercial approach into a targetted, dynamic and impactful marketing strategy for your community.

The decision to run advertising is not one to be taken lightly, as it means committing your image and reputation to marketing campaigns from third-party brands. This is why, in order to guarantee success, it’s important to make the right choice and go for a collaboration with a reputable platform you can trust, one that values efficiency and transparency.

Have an in-depth look at the top performing affiliate marketing programs ♥

Enjoyed this article and want to find out more about our affiliation programmes? Then why not register on our platform? It’s completely free!

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Everything You Need to Know to Boost Your Email Campaigns

Woman using Laptop with email icon

We all receive lots of emails. Too many? In actual fact, too many bad emails. Whether at work or at home, the decision to read a message is made in a few seconds. The subject, the recipient, how often messages are sent, the layout of the content: everything is interpreted consciously and unconsciously in the minds of your potential customers. However, there are multiple possible options: unsubscribing, marking an email as spam, deleting, opening and deleting, opening and marking as “unread”, forwarding to another account, opening then clicking or conversion, etc.

With an email campaign, you need to focus on quality to increase your key KPIs such as deliverability rate, opening rate, click rate and conversion rate. These KPIs can be improved with our practical tips to boost the success of your email campaigns.

Master the art of efficient targeting

There’s nothing more annoying than receiving an advertisement for a product you’ve already bought, a service which has nothing to do with your needs or an invitation to an event to which you’ve just signed up. However, these errors can be avoided quite easily with a tailored strategy and some consistency.

It all begins with targeting. Knowing who to talk to so that you know what to say and, most importantly of all, how to say it. Even if you have an identical product, you don’t communicate with a young adult in the same way as a 50-year-old senior executive or a beginner blogger. That’s why it’s important to create buyer personas: customized profiles which are linked to sections of your database.

Depending on your needs, using your experience, internal data and precise research and analysis work, you must be able to divide your users into homogeneous groups. Working section by section helps you to deliver the right message at the right time and on the right device.

Be sales-oriented: keep it brief and simple

A promotional email succeeds or fails as soon as it’s received. The choice of wording for the recipient and the subject has a very significant impact on your opening rates. Be distinctive and keep it brief. It’s like journalism: you need a powerful heading to make people want to read the article.

Don’t forget those who are reading on mobile either. Long subjects and names don’t mix well with small screens. Once opened, a promotional email isn’t an administrative notice or a novel.

Cut down on the number of words, work on your headings and subheadings, add color and create a template which is attractive, both in terms of the layout and the overall appearance. To be effective, your email marketing kit must be sales-oriented.

Think about showcasing a key product with a price incentive, best-sellers or a particular new item. When it comes to prices, one-off promotions and exclusive, short-term deals always have a significant impact, just like promotional codes which have the dual advantage of monitoring and measuring usage whilst encouraging readers to buy. At a glance, the reader must understand your message and be able to interact immediately. Lastly, remember that most emails are opened on mobile. So create your templates for a smartphone, test them and then adapt them to computers or tablets.

Test your content

A/B testing is becoming more common for websites, but we tend to forget that it’s also a very effective tool for email campaigns. The principle is simple: you create two slightly different versions of the same content which is then sent randomly.

Half will receive version A and the other half will receive version B. Depending on the interactions and behavioral impact the versions elicit, you can decide whether the change you’ve made is relevant and whether your hypothesis is confirmed in a statistically proven way.

Testing your content, your layout and your subject for an email campaign is strongly recommended. It’s a very simple and effective way to make the necessary adjustments to increase your click-through rates, interactions and conversion rates. The more you test, the more effective your campaigns will be.

Send it at the right time

Timing also plays a role in the success of an email campaign. It is possible to determine the optimal day to send an email, based on previous behavior and data about your customer groups. Incorporating this time factor into the seasonal nature of your campaigns makes it possible to better plan the creation of your content and to better highlight your promotions using all of your tools.

In terms of how often you send emails, you need to find the balance between your analytics and the proper analysis of your data. If you send emails too often, there’s a risk of readers “overdosing” and unsubscribing. If you don’t send emails often enough, you risk being forgotten. In both cases, you compromise the image of your brand and the success of your campaigns.

A well-constructed email is a subtle combination of form and content, combining technicality, big data, and design. Although mobile has transformed the uses of email marketing, the fundamentals remain the same. A well-constructed email kit will always rely on good data analysis, optimized HTML code and a design which maintains the visual balance between images and text content. With a message adapted to your target, their rhythm, and consumer habits, your email campaigns will very quickly boost your conversion rate!

Do you have an email campaign you want to share? Contact our sales team!

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