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In the social media universe, not a week goes by without a new feature, a new possibility or a new approach. So much so that marketing managers trying to stay up to date may find themselves a bit lost. To avoid being overwhelmed by too much information, we have tested, explored and selected the main innovations on your social media platforms in recent months. You’re welcome!

Social media: Facebook

Video Insights

Videos are increasingly popular on Facebook. The only problem is that until now, measurement tools were still a bit sketchy. To solve this problem, Facebook has launched new performance metrics that should be of interest to all marketers and community managers. The new video insights feature will help you learn more about video performance stats (subscribers vs. non-subscribers) and includes more demographic data. A way to find out more about your page’s reach. This new Facebook feature will delight all social networking professionals!

Facebook Analytics App

This is a new application specifically designed to manage all your data and analytics on a mobile phone. This new app is available for iOS and Android. Facebook Analytics offers a global, omnichannel view of your data so you can measure channels with higher conversion rates and track the customer journey. In fact, this is a useful convergence tool to measure the customer journey across various channels: your Facebook page, your Messenger bot, your website, and your apps.

Brand Collabs Manager

This is a new tool for connecting influencers and advertisers via Facebook. Available only in the United States for now, this is an intermediation platform that brings influencers and advertisers closer together. A solution that uses all the power of Facebook data to find that ‘special someone’ according to precise targeting criteria. If implemented worldwide, this innovation may well change the face of intermediation services as we know them.

Group Management

Following Facebook algorithm changes and the subsequent reach decline, groups have become popular marketing tools. To make group management easier, Facebook has created several new features. Highlights include a resource center, the ability to create internal rules, and a pre-approval system. This will certainly make life easier for Facebook group administrators.

Advertising on Marketplace

The Facebook equivalent of Craigslist, Marketplace allows you to sell your personal items online. It is now possible to boost the visibility of your ads by paying for that service. A new Facebook monetization lever which is expected to provide Marketplace users with a better service.

Enter A/B testing

A widely used technique to optimize online content, A/B testing will change the way community managers work. This is a system that tests different post versions and determines which works best. A feature still in its pilot phase, but to be integrated soon.


Social media: Messenger

Augmented Reality on Messenger

This is a beta feature that should be available to all advertisers in the coming weeks. It will allow you to send augmented reality elements on Messenger when someone interacts with your brand. It’s a great way to see a product before buying it online. Another example of the rise of augmented reality in e-commerce.

A new Stories poll tool

Previously available for Facebook and Instagram Stories, the poll tool is now available for Messenger Stories as well. A new tool to engage your community, ask for feedback, and see the results in real time. Creative community managers will find many reasons to use it.

Social media: Instagram

Video chat

Does Instagram aspire to become a messaging app? Given the new video chat feature available through Instagram Direct, one might think so. An update also available on the Explore page and which includes new camera effects.

Built-in payment

Instagram is gradually integrating an in-app purchase system for some official brand accounts. This feature is only available for a few lucky advertisers, but it foreshadows the future of the platform. A forthcoming complete ecosystem that could change the face of online shopping as we know it.

IGTV for long videos

Up to an hour of video! This is what Instagram TV (IGTV) offers with a new application that aims to challenge YouTube’s hegemony over online video sharing. Mobile-adapted videos in vertical format with content produced by influencers and professionals. Keep an eye on this tool to diversify your video streaming channels.

Shopping feature in Stories

Previously operational for ‘classic’ posts, the Shopping feature is now available for Instagram Stories. Advertisers can sell their products in Stories with a link to an e-commerce website. A gradual shift to make Instagram a major online shopping player.

Social media: Snapchat


These are mini-games that use your smartphone camera to animate a virtual character according to your facial movements. Raised eyebrows, funny faces, mouth movements:… each gesture corresponds to an action. A fun application that can also incorporate augmented reality elements.


Snapchat finally opens its API, allowing it to create and connect to new services. With Snapkit you can also use Snapchat to connect to other online tools, integrate your own stickers and filters, and better integrate Bitmojis. A tool that will obviously interest developers at agencies and advertisers working with Snapchat.

Social media: Pinterest

A new mobile video advertising format.

There is a new mobile video format for advertisers on the Pinterest mobile app. Advertisers can sponsor a video that will be displayed across the screen to better highlight multiple pins on mobile devices. There’s a 16:9 and 1:1 ratio to build new creative content on Pinterest.

After summer, the back-to-school season is usually a good time for announcing new features on our favorite social media platforms. See you this fall for our next round-up article.

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