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Kwanko accelerates its international development

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With the opening of subsidiaries in Canada, the United Kingdom and Colombia and promising development prospects in MENA, Kwanko has resolutely established itself as the most international major stakeholder in performance marketing.

Kwanko’s 2016 turnover rose sharply in key markets

In 2016, 65% of Kwanko’s turnover ($58 million) was achieved abroad with particularly strong growth in Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom and in South America.

Kwanko is exploring new markets

In 2017, Kwanko is aiming even further. “The group will consolidate its presence in Europe and MENA with the opening of subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Dubai.” said Alexandre Da Silva, the Kwanko International Director. “2017 will also be the year for America. We will strengthen our position in LATAM with the opening of our offices in Bogota and invest in North America with an opening in Canada”.  

Christophe Matos, the Southern Europe and LATAM Regional Director added “LATAM is currently one of the priorities for expanding our activity. After São Paulo and México, it was our strategic approach to invest in Bogotá and capitalize our experience locally.”

As for the rest of the world, its coverage will be ensured by the “Rest of the World” unit which Kwanko set up in 2016 to accompany Kwanko’s advertisers in areas with strong growth potential such as Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

2017 will be full of objectives

With the increase in offers on the performance marketing market, advertisers need to entrust their campaigns to a stakeholder who can combine performance, reliability and cost control. Based on this finding, Kwanko has defined its 2017 priorities: transparency, ethics and quality.

A quality approach which also includes the promotion of its best partners

To support its resolutely qualitative online advertising approach, the Kwanko network publishers, who are the cornerstone of the distribution quality, are selected and adhere to a Kwanko quality charter.

Kwanko values their effective contribution to purchasing with its marketing allocation tools which enable to pay each publisher according to the role they played in the conversion.

Thanks to the deduplication tool developed by Kwanko, the databases of its publishers are deduplicated in order to avoid duplicates. For example, in an e-mailing campaign, Internet users only receive one message for the same offer. Therefore, publishers get less unsubscriptions and the advertiser’s image is preserved thanks to better control of the advertising pressure.

Offers with strong added value in order to anticipate its advertisers’ expectations

With the emergence of the influence of Youtubeurs and other bloggers in consumers’ decision-making, the Kwanko group has capitalized on the links which already unite this community through its affiliate campaigns in order to launch an Influencer offer. The difference with the offers on the market? An approach that capitalizes on both the expertise of the dedicated team which analyzes the advertiser’s DNA and directs it towards the influencers who match it, and on the power of our strong network with several thousands of influencers in order to ensure campaigns that get results.

The group also relies on the “viewability” of its advertising messages in order to offer optimal scope and visibility to boost the performance of your campaigns.

Finally, the group is working on expanding its cross-device tracking offer with the development of a unified platform, an example of its vertical expertise in the field of the webmarketing.

Much recruitment is also expected in order to strengthen the international teams

For global support, the “Rest of the World” unit, which Kwanko set up in 2016, will develop its activity to accompany Kwanko advertisers in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

To strengthen its establishment in different countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom and Colombia, Kwanko is looking for new talent, especially sales profiles. To join us, please contact us on our website.

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