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Amaury d’Alès new Head of International Partnerships (1)

With 220 employees, 13 offices worldwide – including the recent opening of a new office in Dubai – and a turnover of 53 million euros in 2016, Kwanko is no longer a small Parisian start-up. While it continues to retain the same values – dynamism, energy and innovation – Kwanko has become a specialist in performance digital marketing, increasingly working on an international scale.

The company’s well-balanced development has led to the recent appointment of Amaury d’Alès as Head of International Partnerships, which is a real step forward for Kwanko. A new strategic position for this proud French Tech ambassador who joined the group in 2013. It’s also a way to promote the advantages of French business and “Made in Kwanko” expertise.

Hello Amaury. What does your role as Head of International Partnerships entail?

My role is to strengthen Kwanko group’s position by publicizing the strengths of our services and their competitive advantages, by sharing them via our international network. This approach helps to strengthen existing partnerships with our customers, with our publishers and, more generally, with all of our partners, which also helps to develop new ones.

You’ve worked for Kwanko since 2013. What led you to accept this new challenge?

Kwanko has been a digital marketing pure player for nearly 15 years. It’s a company which has a lot to contribute in terms of experience, learning, vision and the professionalization of skills in the digital age. In just 4 years, I’ve seen how the group, its projects and its ambitions have developed. I’m proud to continue to be a part of it all.

Digital marketing is developing very rapidly. What are the key trends to come in 2018?

I think that the user will be an increasingly important concern for marketing professionals. This is already the case, but we can go even further in terms of customization, with a focus on UX and UI oriented strategies. At a regulatory level, the GDPR – the new European legislation on personal data processing which comes into force in the spring of 2018 – is an issue for our customers and yet is also a way of structuring and optimizing data management. I would also mention influence marketing, which continues to grow, as well as mobile, which is a part of a digital environment which focuses on performance, with the development of conversational artificial intelligence (chatbots, machine learning, etc.).

How does having an international vision help your customers?

It has real added value for our customers and is a key factor when it comes to success in an intensely competitive environment. We know about consumer and company behavior in all the countries in which we are present, as well as their specific nuances, such as 100% mobile penetration in Brazil, for example. By adapting a marketing strategy to local culture and requirements, we support our customers on a country-by-country basis, offering them unique expertise and the necessary objectivity. This gives us a real head start in establishing effective campaigns.

Do you adapt your approach to different countries when developing partnerships?

Of course! Each country is a specific market with its own traditions, habits, customs and culture. It would be a serious strategic mistake to standardize a campaign by simply translating content. We have to adapt, listen, understand, integrate and build trusting relationships with our in-country representatives. There’s no magic formula. We have to be there, on the ground, to meet people and to share our expertise. Contrary to popular belief, working in the digital world doesn’t mean being stuck behind a computer. We focus primarily on the human aspect to ensure success.

Are there priority target countries for Kwanko?

All countries are important, starting with France, which remains our most long-standing market. Following the opening of offices in London, Montreal, Bogota and Dubai in 2017, Alexandre Da Silva, Associate Director and International Director of the Group, and I are concentrating on Anglo-Saxon markets, Latin America and the EMEA area. All whilst continuing to develop all of our subsidiaries, of course.

Does the importance or effectiveness of marketing tools vary from country to country?

Yes and it’s very interesting because they change so quickly. The maturity of the markets varies greatly from one country to another, depending on consumer habits and the technical infrastructure in place. This creates great opportunities for a group which has multicultural and technological experience like Kwanko. We know what works where and what the potential for growth is. We contribute to the structuring and consolidation of marketing approaches for our partners. Our role as advisers, prescribers and influencers matches our values and our ambitions.

What are your criteria for choosing your affiliate partners?

We never compromise on the fundamental values of transparency, honesty and the quality of our partners. We only work with well-established organizations which have the ability to share and promote our customers’ products and services. Customers trust us because they know that we’re committed to creating a network of premium partners in multiple countries around the world. In this respect, we act as our customers’ ambassador, representing their interests to ensure the success and viability of their marketing strategy.

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