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A new online sale has just been confirmed? Congratulations! But do you know exactly where it comes from? Do you know your conversion chain ? What drove this new customer to trust you? Email marketing, social networks, SEO, websites with good deals, native content, a video for some brands. There may be hundreds of contact points between your audience and your brand.

Therefore, how can you know and measure the consumer’s journey in a highly fragmented and cross-device digital environment? Given the so-called “last-click” model, it is essential for advertisers to be able to know and control their conversion chain. A work that is both technical and complex yet accessible to all from the moment one has the right tools and technology.

Last-click: a still relevant model

There was a time when things were simple: an advertisement, a click and a purchase from a single terminal that was often the home computer. A time when the customer journey looked like a highway for marketers. Then the iPhone arrived, and with it a whole series of terminals and applications that turned this beautiful stretch of asphalt into a chaotic and sinuous path with multiple intersections.

Now every family member has multiple devices and several online approaches.  The realization of an online purchase is the result of a multi-faceted approach that involves many micro-actions. You check social networks on your phone in the morning, you open your personal emails at noon on a computer, you consult your tablet in the evening and watch a movie on a connected TV. For online shopping, it’s the same thing: we go on Facebook, specialized blogs and Instagram, you look for online reviews, and you go onto the brand’s official website.… Actions are very intermittent and rarely one-dimensional.

The action before the final validation is not always the trigger, even if it does remain important. Thanks to cross-device tracking, you can now conceptualize the conversion chain ending with one last confirmation click that will need to be measured to better understand the impact of micro-actions and online behavior. An essential work to adapt your compensation model and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Know your conversion chain to optimize the purchasing route.

Knowing your chain conversion is, first and foremost, knowing your market: knowing who you are talking to and who your buyer personas are in order to work with the right message at the right time and with the right device.

Once this preparatory work is done, it is necessary to identify all contact points in whatever form they take, organic (natural) and sponsored (paid), for all platforms. These come in many forms, such as content shared on a blog, sent to subscribers in your newsletter, your white paper, the work done on SEO, SEA, affiliate marketing, advertising, Social Media Advertising, etc.

Also, do not forget the physical contact points. Between trade shows, open houses, in-store sales or data from your loyalty card, these are all interactions that feed your conversion chain.

The convergence of cross-device, paid/free and online/offline data allows you to have a 360-degree panorama of your communication range, from which you can develop adapted strategies, step by step, with a nurturing, relevant lead.

Cross-device tracking: optimizing your sales channels

Between the discovery of your offer and the confirmation of purchases, depending on whether you are in a B2B or B2C environment, it may take a few minutes or weeks. The decision can be taken by the end user or by an executive committee. In any case, the challenge is to visualize the added value of all the steps that have led to the validation of a basket or order in order to measure its effectiveness and to pay each participant according to the value contributed.

This is why cross-device tracking is very important for adapting your marketing campaigns. Not only can advertisers track the progress of prospects in their sales channel, they can also measure the contribution of each device in the purchase path.

A way to optimize marketing and advertising investments, to adapt messages to the terminals used and to work better with affiliates, influencers, salesmen and all the participants integrated into these flows.

Knowing the value of each participant in the conversion chain is essential to work with maximum efficiency. You are able to know what is working well, what can be improved, and it facilitates the analysis of ROI. A job that often requires a trusted partner to assist you in this process of combining technical and market expertise. Kwanko gives you the opportunity to implement cross-device tracking thanks to its 360° web and mobile offers and an attribution model: MultiOrigin©, which allows for payment to each publisher according to his or her added value in the conversion chain.

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