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Digital marketing trade shows and conferences: flagship events in Brussels, Barcelona, Bogotá and Lisbon!

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Kwanko will once again this year be heading off to meet other digital marketing professionals and share ideas about the latest trends in the digital marketplace.
Our team will be available to meet and talk to you at four different trade shows:

  • Digital First in Brussels on the 20 October 2016
  • Club Ecommerce Cross Border in Barcelona on the 27 and 28 October 2016
  • E-Show Colombia in Bogotá on the 26 and 27 October 2016
  • Web Summit in Lisbon from the 7 to the 10 November 2016

Marion Min, Country Manager for Belgium, and Javier Correro, Country Manager for Spain, will be giving two special talks at each of these events, providing you with an opportunity to discover the secrets of the innovative and highly effective strategies that lie behind the success achieved by some of the world’s biggest brands:

  • “Attribution marketing, from theory to reality: discover the innovative strategy implemented by Weight Watchers” – a presentation by Marion Min at Digital First in Brussels, 20 October (16:20–16:50)
  • “10 tips & tricks for an efficient Cyber Week (Black Friday)” – a presentation by Javier Correro at Club Ecommerce Cross Border, Barcelona, 27 and 28 October.

Get some detailed insights into Kwanko’s approach!

Digital First 2016

Happen to be in Brussels on the 20 October 2016? Book your place at the 11th annual Digital First trade show, which with more than 100 exhibitors in attendance and over 100 talks and presentations taking place, is Belgium’s number one digital B2B event. Digital First is a flagship event bringing together around 4,300 industry professionals for the purposes of discussing and sharing ideas about the key challenges presented by the digital world of both today and tomorrow.

Presentation: “Attribution marketing, from theory to reality: discover the innovative strategy adopted by Weight Watchers” 16:20–16:50

This is definitely one presentation not to miss! Marion Min, Kwanko’s Country Manager for Belgium, and Regis Watrisse, Managing Director at Mediascale, will be talking about the success achieved by an innovative strategy adopted in collaboration with Weight Watchers.
Find out how they used improved customer journey analysis to implement a cross-channel based attribution marketing strategy:

  • “Last Click Attribution is history but remains the predominant pattern. Why?
  • Attribution marketing, Contribution marketing. What is the difference?
  • Like many advertisers (and editors?), you are probably asking yourself these very same questions.
  • And you are probably willing to challenge the existing models and adapt your Digital Marketing Strategy with a Cross-device approach… ”

Digital First 2016 takes place in Brussels on the 20 October 2016.

You’ll also have the opportunity to come and meet us in person on stand 30!

Official event website:
Download the event programme:


Club Ecommerce Cross Border

The prestigious Club Ecommerce Cross Border summit in Barcelona is one of the essential annual events to attend. Now in its third year, this year’s summit will bring together around 170 specialist companies and feature 25 different business concept presentations as well as various interactive workshop events.
In 2015, more than 1,100 of the industry professionals who took part got the opportunity to have face-to-face meetings with representatives of companies of their choosing and spend 30 minutes discussing their projects. How many of you will it be in 2016?
The event comprises two whole days of meetings and discussions around eCommerce opportunities and will be taking place in an exceptional environment offering after-work drinks venues, a golf course, a spa, dining facilities and other relaxing evening activities.

Be sure not to miss Javier Correro’s presentation: “10 tips & tricks for an efficient Cyber Week (Black Friday)”

Club Ecommerce Cross Border is taking place in Barcelona on the 27 and 28 October.
Official event website:


Web Summit

Web Summit is one of Europe’s most highly-attended trade shows. With no less than 15,000 participating companies, it brings together not only the world’s biggest names in digital technology (Facebook, Amazon, Google, Cisco …) but also emerging businesses in the sector.

You’ll also have the opportunity to come and meet us in person on stand B610!

Web Summit is taking place in Lisbon from the 7 to 10 October.
Official event website:


E-Show Colombia

Now in its fourth year, E-Show Colombia is a major event focussing on the digital transformation domain. For this year, 2016, the show is being held in Bogotá on the 26 and 27 October and will have three different conference halls available simultaneously. Market leaders in the industry will be present to share their experiences and talk about the issues and challenges they’ve encountered in dealing with the problems presented by the digitalisation of the marketplace.

You’ll also have the opportunity to come and meet us in person on stand 6!

E-Show Colombia is taking place in Bogotá on the 26 and 27 October
Official event website:

If you are interested in any of these events, please contact us for more information or to arrange a meeting! Find out also about our performance-based marketing solutions.

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