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The holiday season is often a critical time for merchants, as it is often when they earn a significant part of their annual sales. This is well known in traditional shopping, but it is even more true on the Internet. E-commerce has become a completely normal and popular way for people to shop, and the Christmas frenzy is also palpable online.  Are you ready for a successful season? Good, but there’s still more you need to know. If you want to boost your sales, there’s nothing better than using our best practice for successful online advertising campaigns. Merry Christmas!



Your campaigns should be simple, clear and particularly easy to grasp. While the Christmas season is an important time for you, it is also an important time for your competitors. Therefore, you must put in that little extra effort to set you apart from the rest.
This can be applied to the form, style or creativity of the marketing. It could also, more generally, be applied to the content or the key message to get across.  This is usually centered around prices: special discounts, massive sales, free shipping, lower prices or payment assistance. But you can also use other catch phrases that will make a difference: permanently guaranteed stocks to prevent selling out of a particular toy, guaranteed delivery in 24 or 48 hours including on Christmas Eve, easy returns for exchanges, etc.


Each online campaign should have a message for each of your targets and/or buyers to improve efficiency. For example, an advertisement for product X for target Y, then one for product Z for target X, and so on.
It is highly recommended to create a landing page for each of your offers to facilitate the user experience and get more sales.
If a user clicks on an offer for a phone, and they land on your homepage without knowing where to look, there’s a good chance that they will quickly forget it and leave your site.
The success of your online campaign will depend on if you offer deals at the right time to the right people. What part of the holiday season also has different impacts on advertising: you should certainly have different approaches on December 10th, when the frenzy is in full swing, compared to December 20th, when the late shoppers are starting to worry.



Advertising requires you to use your data for finer segmentation and better optimization of the conversion tunnel. With solutions like CRM or DMP, it is possible to have targeting operations that are specifically designed to track visitors on your website. Furthermore, your data can also help you perform retargeting by utilizing an increased social media presence. For example, a user who visits your website without buying anything would see a targeted ad on their Facebook news feed that would offer them a special discount.


Not only have smartphones become the primary means of accessing the Internet, they have also become the preferred tool for Christmas shopping.
According to Google, 64% of mobile users use mobile searching to find gift ideas before going to stores.

In 2015, searches for “cool gifts” increased by 80%, searches for “best gift” increased by 70%, and searches for “unique gifts” increase by 65%.
Your website should be fully adapted to mobile navigation to facilitate the user experience. If you have a mobile application and want to promote it, one example to consider is offering a promotional code for their first purchase after downloading it.

Finally, on mobile phones, your conversion tunnel should be as short as possible. The shopping cart, validation of information, and payment system must be adapted not only to mobile navigation, but also to mobile user preferences by using simple and effective ergonomics.


Acquiring new customers is one strategy, but keeping and retaining your existing customers is just as important for your brand. Email campaigns are a great way to share your seasonal offers and maintain a relationship with your customers. Your customers like to be rewarded and valued for their loyalty, especially during the holiday season.
By receiving thank you messages or exclusive benefits and discounts, they are more likely to stay loyal to your brand and continue to purchase from you.
According to Google, more than 40% of mobile users want retailers to automatically push them useful information (special offers, item locations in the store, related products, etc.).





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