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Kwanko news

Amaury d’Alès new Head of International Partnerships (1)

With 220 employees, 13 offices worldwide – including the recent opening of a new office in Dubai – and a turnover of 53 million euros in 2016, Kwanko is no longer a small Parisian start-up. While it continues to retain the same values – dynamism, energy and innovation – Kwanko has become a specialist in performance digital marketing, increasingly working on an international scale.

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Things to take away from Affiliate Summit Europe 2018 – London


Every business sector has its own key and unmissable trade fairs and exhibitions. Affiliate Summit Europe 2018 is one of these. An essential event to attend for professionals in performance advertising and digital marketing in the broad sense, with its blend of networking, keynote speeches, training sessions and best practice knowledge sharing. It’s for this reason that our entire team attended in London this past February 6 and 7. Amongst the various trends we’ll be seeing developing over the course of 2018 are influencer marketing and strategic affiliation.

The Affiliate Summit Europe conference and trade show

The Affiliate Summit was initially founded in 2003 by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward. Since then, it has grown considerably over the years. To date it has expanded into various international events that take place on a regular basis in both North America and Europe. The Affiliate Summite London had a turnout of more than 1,600 visitors and 800 affiliates, all of which who came to share their knowledge, develop their expertise and find out more about digital trends to come.

Kwanko was represented by our UK team led by Alvaro Sanchez, Managing Director and specialist in advertiser-side performance marketing, and by Zaza Zakaraia, Affiliate Account Manager and expert in publisher-side marketing. The event provided an opportunity to promote and highlight the solutions we offer in terms of increasing sales, generating more traffic, workable lead generation, optimising conversions, and developing an influencer marketing based approach for our clients.

Influencer marketing: a craze that delivers what it promises

Influencer marketing serves as a major form of leverage in the world of digital marketing. A real game changer, it is now in the process of becoming firmly established alongside more traditional methods of online advertising. A growing number of brands have begun using it in earnest and others are currently experimenting with it in small doses, though almost all are interested in it.

Influencers can choose to incorporate an acquisition strategy into their approach. But working with them requires experience, practical knowledge and the support of a properly trained team.

Performance marketing: what’s the best way to work with influencers?

The first thing to do is make sure you understand how influencers are organised. Content, editorial, tone, the volume and audience you are looking to target, expert knowledge of the subject matter… before knowing how to work with influencers, you first need to know and understand what motivates them. This is work that takes place over a long term basis that is built on trust. For majority of micro-influencers, performance marketing is one of the most effective tools available.

The second stage consists of properly and effectively communicating with the influencers. According to the Vuelio UK Bloggers Survey 2017, more than a third of influencers are contacted up to seven times per week on average. However, very few of these contacts result in value-added content on the influencers’ blogs, channels or social media accounts. Hence the importance of making targeted choices and carefully choosing wording to avoid drowning influencers in technical jargon they won’t necessarily be able to master. To communicate effectively with influencers, you need to build a natural human like relationship and take the time to really get to know their brand and their audience. This is win-win strategy and push pull. You help them, they help you.

And lastly, taking an economical approach is an extremely important factor: the traditional model based on CPA and funded via conversion at the final click does not work with influencers. The scope needs to be increased to enable more effective tracking, established on the basis of community engagement. To achieve this, each advertiser must know and understand what the KPIs and most impactful metrics for their brand are and build their relationship with their influencers around these more open and less restrictive factors.

Both a catalyst for creative energy and a high-value place to meet and share good practices, the Affiliate Summit Europe conference and trade show enabled us to confirm the relevance of our acquisition solutions to performance and to broaden our teams’ expertise on highly specific and targeted issues. It also provided a way for us to make ourselves directly known to advertisers and publishers in order to share our experience and know-how.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article, you can download our white paper “All You Need to Know to Boost the Performance of Your Online Campaigns”. You can also find out about  our performance marketing solutions or contact us directly if you require more information!

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Kwanko news

Kwanko opens an office in Dubai

Modern Skyscrapers in Dubai Marina

We are digital marketing specialists who apply our skills and expertise worldwide. We adapt our working methods, collaborative tools and strategic approach to different countries’ cultures, legal systems and technologies. With offices already operating in Europe, the United States and Latin America, we are now opening a new branch in Dubai. This new office provide a central focus for Middle East.

Why open a Dubai office?

Our new Dubai office represents a new stage on our journey in this region currently in the midst of extensive development. For example, Saudi Arabia is seeing major structural market developments as it opens up to the world (re culture, tourism, etc.). The Dubai business hub will cover the whole GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries) area and will work with clients to stay close to and aware of local challenges and issues in this fast-changing region.

“This office will bring us closer to local publishers and advertisers,” explains Alexandre Da Silva, Associate Director and International Director at Kwanko. Whether affiliate marketing, lead generation or influencer marketing is involved, it is vital to have a local presence so we can build trusting relationships with our future publishers.

Our presence also enables us to better meet local client needs and work with international advertisers wanting to develop in the Middle East. Over 2000 major international brands across all business sectors are already working with Kwanko including, Trivago, Vodafone, Cofidis, BMW and Alibaba.

Our GCC business services

The strategies developed by Kwanko’s international teams mean  we offer a unique and premium service. We have a 360-degree view of our clients’ marketing objectives: traffic, leads, sales, influence and downloads. We turn intentions into results, supporting our clients as they implement effective acquisition strategies. Our Dubai team is now in place to support, train and guide our clients using a tailored approach. Last year we generated 30 million sales and 82 million new prospects for our clients.

For more information, please contact hicham.ghazal[@], Commercial Director

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