The 3 key ways to effectively bring your affiliate program to life

The 3 key ways to effectively bring your affiliate program to life

As of now, more than 32% of online sales are the result of affiliation including email marketing, according to a study by Business Insider. Performance advertising, therefore, remains a strong commercial lever for online sales. Best of all, it’s a growing lever, since a Forrester study even predicts growth rates of 10% per year in this sector. However, as effective as it is, getting into performance advertising requires at least organization and structure. To do this, we are sharing with you three keys to effectively get your affiliate program up and running.

Media platforms and quality promotional material

The quality of your affiliate program will depend on the importance of its return on investment. Your goal incorporates facilitating the work of the publishers, who will pass your offers and your products on.
But to do this, and because they do not necessarily work solely with your products, it is also necessary to stand out from the competition in order to create a long-term trusting relationship. To do this, it is crucial to create and share quality promotional items. Some examples:

  • Marketing Pitches: knowing what to say, how to say it and how to highlight the particular characteristics of your offer and your range of products or services.
  • Promotional sheet: central information on a current or future operation with all details related to the latter (duration, condition, objectives, etc.). Vital for anticipating a big transaction in order to prepare in the best conditions.
  • Product information sheet: to know all of your product’s details, from the most generic to the most technical. With every publisher having a different editorial line, it must have information that is understandable to everyone.
  • Quality visuals: reworked photos, properly displayed, well-framed and adapted for any type of support with multiple formats.
  • Email Kit: everything to successfully pull of an email campaign, such as content ideas, visuals adapted to email marketing, specific links, etc.
  • Advertising banners and imagery: variety is important here too because they can be used on a wide variety of media.

Regular commercial operations for your affiliate program

Performance advertising is an ROI (return on investment) relay for brands, but affiliates can only relay existing information and are not the source of it. If the advertiser is not proactive, their affiliate program will not truly be effective. Some examples of commercial operations to put in place.

  • Product Launch: This is often an important event. Whether you are updating an existing range or a new offer, you must let it know.
  • One-off sales or promotions: creating promotional events is an excellent springboard for better sales; like, for example, birthdays, Black Friday, New Year’s Eve, etc.
  • Promotional codes: a special discount only granted to your members so that they can relay information online and benefit their communities.
  • Limited offers: the next 500 orders at – 30%, one free for one bought during the next 12 hours, free delivery for everything for 24 hours. So many examples that value rarity or immediacy to encourage a purchase.

Challenge, bonuses, and meetings: these little things that make all the difference

Affiliates are like a commercial team that must come to life and be mobilized but also challenged at times. A way to keep in touch and especially to integrate them into your team, as you would with your employees or your service providers. It is important to encourage this sense of belonging because it highlights the loyalty of your promotional relays online for an optimal performance advertisement. Ideas and good practices to make a difference.

  • Sales competition: put commercial goals in place with rewards according to the targets reached, such as the multiplication of commissions over a, particularly attractive period.
  • Gifts: little something that always pleases, such as product previews or any other offer to thank your affiliates for their loyalty.
  • A temporary increase of the CPA: a way of boosting your sales amongst a category of products.
  • Meeting with the teams: to humanize the relationship and discover who is behind the abstract data to create a real win-win partnership.
  • Training and practical advice: online or in-person workshops – to discover new trends, learn and progress.

Running an affiliate program can have a very beneficial effect on your relationship with your affiliates. A way to provide the sources of your growth with everything they need for a timely prepared advertising campaign, which therefore will have greater potential for success.

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